0348 | What is Your Neurological Profile? with Libby Kemkaran

0348 | What is Your Neurological Profile? with Libby Kemkaran

Life Design is a field that I am incredibly passionate about. The ability to envision a future we want to create and then take intentional steps to get there is so POWERFUL.

However, the path toward that future is a very individual one. Not everyone will face the same challenges, and we differ in the way we are motivated. Today, we’re diving into a couple of frameworks that can help you understand yourself at a deeper level and make progress toward your biggest goals.

Dr Libby Kemkaran was A lifelong student of Behavioral Psychology and Neuroassociative Conditioning she took the opportunity while at Cambridge to undertake a degree in Biological and Biomedical Science, with a major in behavior, specifically the neural mechanisms of behavior. Libby is a TEDx Speaker and Circle Host and delivers her ‘TAME Your Brain’ program of strategy and Neurocoaching to the corporate world leading change in Management, Communications, and Mindset for Success.

Additional Resources:

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  3. libby@kemkaran.com
  4. Visit Libby’s website

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