How to Use Boundaries to Avoid Burnout

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Burnout is a topic that is becoming so prolific because so many of us are EXPERIENCING IT! Turns out, burnout is a state that is at the end of the road of a long continuum. There are ways we can intervene to reduce the chances of ourselves becoming burned out, but we have to recognize it first.

I’m thrilled to be diving into that very topic today.

Today we’re speaking with Dr. Cassandra LeClair. She is a Communications & Relationships Expert, Motivator, Author, and Podcaster. With a Ph.D. in communications studies, specializing in women’s and gender studies, Cassandra is an expert on communicating feelings, setting boundaries, and improving connections. She enables high-achieving women to gain an understanding of their identity and communication practices to improve their relationships with friends and family, in the workplace, and beyond.

On this episode with Dr. LeClaire, we dive into burnout – how to know when you’re burned out, and what the precursors are. We also dive into the role that boundaries play in burnout. Wow are they important! We also talk about how to figure out what our needs are and communicate them to others. And, finally, we talk about the role that our own behavioral patterns play in our burnout cycle.

I so hope this episode helps you or someone you love. You’re worth it.

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