A Professional Magician’s Guide to Living an Aligned Life

A Professional Magician’s Guide to Living an Aligned Life

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Perception is reality. Truly.   

Our expectations about how the world works and what “should” happen next provide a powerful lens through which we see the world. 

Perhaps no one knows this better than today’s guest. Today we’re speaking with Steve Haffner, a professional magician. Steve intimately understands the power of our subconscious expectations, and he exploits them to create magical experiences for his audiences. 

His is entertaining, but it also provides a powerful lesson in self-awareness and self-discovery to help us live our lives to the fullest.  

Steve had a successful 30-year career in information systems as a Vice-President of Performance Measurement Systems for a healthcare information corporation. Seemingly on a whim, he walked into his boss’s office and quit to become a professional magician.  

What seemed like an abrupt decision was actually a realignment of Steve’s life to his authentic values. A reinvention that brought him into alignment with who he truly was and the contribution he wanted to make in the world.  

During this interview, we talk about: 

  • The fact that our own perception, regardless of whether it is accurate or not, is our reality.  
  • The impact of mental biases and short-cuts on shaping the lens through which we see the world. 
  • The critical role that our personal values play in shaping the direction of our daily decision-making (big and small) 
  • And, how to use your values to “confront the lizard” and make more intentional decisions.  

This interview is entertaining AND informative. I know you’re going to love meeting Steve Haffner. 

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