An Actionable Exercise to Help Ground You During Uncertain Times

An Actionable Exercise to Help Ground You During Uncertain Times

As we move through these uncertain times together, I want to do everything I can to help you build and maintain the psychological strength you’ll need to thrive through this adversity.  

We founded Peak Mind to help you navigate times exactly like this.  

Life is not always perfect. Sometimes gratitude is more difficult to find. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is do our best to remain calm and keep a balanced mindset. 

Psychological strength can help you do just that. 

This episode is the first of a series of episodes that I plan to do to help you navigate the complex thoughts and feelings that might be coming up as we face the coming weeks and months. 

In today’s episode, I discuss a few things: 

  • First, we discuss the brain science behind why we all feel so anxious as our day-to-day lives are so different from the way they once were. You are not alone in your feelings. They are very normal and quite natural and adaptive. 
  • I talk about how our natural response to uncertainty is to try to control our circumstances. This helps explain why we as a group have responded in some of the ways that we have (hello, toilet paper). 
  • Finally, I end with a hands-on exercise that you can do to help find a more grounded, centered, balanced mindset during times that you might feel anxious or worried. 

The fact of the matter is, there is a threat out there. The corona virus is real. However, I hope that the information and exercise in this episode helps you remain calm and centered, even as you move through a period of great uncertainty and change. 


As an additional resource, Peak Mind will be offering free, virtual psychological strength-building sessions to those people enrolled in our free Starter Pack module. We are offering these sessions to help build community and offer information, support, and actionable tools to help you move through the coming weeks and months.

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