Become a Better Leader by Building Psychological Strength

Become a Better Leader by Building Psychological Strength

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Building psychological strength is one of the best ways to build leadership skills. Have you ever thought about all of the ways you show up as a leader in your life?  

Think about it.  

The most obvious is probably a leadership position at work or in your company. According to leadership experts, true leadership is more than just day-to-day management of team members and projects. It’s about inspiring people, building trust, especially in challenging times. Great leadership qualities use effective communication skills to be an effective leader for a group of people but sometimes it’s more personal than that.

But, how about in your relationships outside of work? How about as a parent? How about as a romantic partner? 

All of these aspects of our lives, and even more than those I mentioned, involve elements of leadership, which is why I am so excited about this week’s episode. 

This week we are speaking with Noelle Cordeaux, CEO and founder of JRNI (pronounced “Journey”). Noelle is an expert in the ways in which Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching intersect to help people show up in a more effective way.  

She holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive & Professional Coaching, and her graduate studies include a Masters in Social Work and a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. 

During our interview we talk about: 

  • The history of the field of Positive Psychology. The history of the field of coaching. 
  • Specifically, we have a deep discussion about the booming coaching industry and the difference between:  
    • Scientific coach practitioners 
    • Informed coach practitioners 
    • Pop Psychology practitioners  
  • We talk about leadership & the important way our nervous and endocrine systems are involved in our effectiveness. 
  • And Noelle highlights countless actionable steps we can take right now to be more effective in our next interactions. 

 One thing I don’t want you to miss are a set of key reflective questions Noelle urges us to ask ourselves: 

  • Is that a fact or a feeling? 
  • What’s the outcome that you’re looking for? 
  • Is this something you want to give your time and energy to right now? 
  • Will this matter in 1 year from now? 

This episode is meaty. You might want to grab a pen and a journal for it. I know I took away so much value from Noelle’s expertise, and I hope you will too! 

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