Brain Hacks to Boost Productivity with Nicole Byers

Brain Hacks to Boost Productivity with Nicole Byers

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Today is a very special episode for those of you who are high-achievers, those who tend toward perfectionism, and those who have a lot on your plate right now. Many times, in our quest to be more productive, we find ourselves using tactics that simply aren’t effective. The crazy thing is that we feel like we’re doing the right thing or increasing our efficiency, but from a brain science perspective, we’re doing more harm than good.

Today, we’re speaking with Dr. Nicole Byers, a neuropsychologist, about ways we can truly become more productive. She talks about why some of the typical advice of grinding it out or multi-tasking simply doesn’t work. She talks about practical ways to set up our workday to be more effective. She also gives great tips about how to transition from a hectic workday into your evening with your family to have some capacity and mental space left to be present with those you love.

This episode is full of practical tips you can put to work in your life today in order to be more effective and productive.

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