Building Your New Life – One Conversation at a Time

Building Your New Life – One Conversation at a Time

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Building a new life for yourself needs to start with good communication. Many of us struggle with communicating effectively in our relationships, and in our everyday lives. All we need is to control our tone of voice and employ active listening in order to maintain healthy relationships.

As many of us are either reemerging after the pandemic or contemplating what our lives will be like as we go “back to normal,” many of us are thinking through the aspects of our “normal” lives that are worth going back to. 

Yes, the situation we’ve all been through has been difficult. We’ve endured tremendous hardship as a globe, but this adversity has likely illuminated changes you want to make in your life as you move forward. Making real changes requires using those communication skills to resolve conflicts. In turn, conflict resolution requires a great deal of emotional intelligence.

Effectively making those changes requires knowing exactly what you want…and asking for it in an effective way. 

Because of this, I’m so excited to welcome AmyK Hutchens back to the podcast.  

AmyK is an international award-winning speaker, Amazon bestselling author, and has over 10 years’ experience training, coaching, and consulting. With over 75+ speaking events per year for some of the biggest global brands. AmyK travels the world helping leaders become Master Communicators so they can lead, innovate, sell, and collaborate more effectively. One. Conversation. At. A. Time. 

In this interview, AmyK shares some key phrases and tips to construct a more effective conversation to get what you want. She also dives deep into our worth and the value of stepping into and using our own voice. She gives a powerful lesson about the importance of going on a “conversation diet” in order to create a more beautiful life experience, and we follow it up with a quick conversation about her brand new book: “Get It! Five Steps to the Sex, Salary, Success You Want.”  

I’m thrilled to welcome AmyK back to the podcast to help us all as we transition into the next phase of our lives. 

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