Combatting Burnout When You’re Tired As F*ck

Combatting Burnout When You’re Tired As F*ck

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BURNOUT. It’s a topic in the news almost daily. Given the stress we’ve all been under over the last 2 years, burnout is at an all-time high. But is it? Really?

I mean, I agree that we’re burned out, but my instinct tells me that we’ve been that way much longer than we realize. The pressure of the pandemic has brought it to the surface more clearly, but the burnout itself is a tale as old as time.

Today we’re talking about burnout with the perfect guest. Caroline Dooner is a writer, humorist, and ex-professional actress & singer. She started writing about our relationship with food 10 years ago on thef*, after radically healing her own relationship with food. All of that became “The F*ck It Diet” book, geared towards helping others heal. Her second book, “Tired as F*ck,” is about her burnout & two years of rest, after years of running herself into the ground. 

This episode is part validation, part instruction manual, part permission slip, and part call-to-arms. It is time we start caring for ourselves as the human beings that we are. I hope this episode and Caroline’s book help you do just that.

Additional Resources:

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  3. The link between self-compassion and self-care:
  4. Connect with Caroline & her work:

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