Create Your Own Micro-Culture

Create Your Own Micro-Culture

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As we contemplate the potential of returning to the office in the coming months and all of the uncertainty and complexity surrounding it, one question that’s on many people’s minds is what it will feel like to be back in the office with everyone? One important element of that question is the age-old topic of corporate culture.

In today’s episode, I highlight a couple of research articles pointing to the impact that a single employee’s behavior can create a culture influencing others around them. I pose this question: How might you create your own micro-culture around you that supports the values you want to see in your company?

So many times we point to broader forces that are out of our control as the cause of our own experience. Those forces definitely do play a role. However, many times, we neglect to consider the role each of us can play in our own immediate environment. So, take some time to think about the culture you want to work in. Sit down and craft a description with your team. Then, think about the behaviors you can commit to in order to support the culture you want to create. Be the change.

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