Nurturing a Growth Mindset to Help Our Children Learn with Teru Clavel

Nurturing a Growth Mindset to Help Our Children Learn with Teru Clavel

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We all want the best for our kids; that goes without saying. But, sometimes, our best intentions actually get in the way of our kids making the mistakes they need to make to grow and develop into educated, high-functioning adults. All this through growth mindset.

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Teru Clavel, the author of the brand new book “World Class.” In her book, Teru compares the educational system we have in the United States with the system she encountered as her family moved from country to country in Asia. 

Most notably, she saw that the growth mindset was extremely prevalent in Asia. Effort and practice were valued above simple achievement. The concept of failure was seemingly nonexistent. Rather, the Asian approach to education focused on viewing failure as an opportunity to learn more. And the intentional role that parents, teachers, and broader society plays in children’s education is very different than what we know in the United States. 

I hope you’ll tune into this episode to gain a broader view of what education means throughout the world and how we might approach it from less of a fixed mindset and more of a mindset of continuous growth and progress. 

If you want more, get Teru’s book, World Class

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