Failure Means You’re On the Right Path with April Seifert, Ph.D.

Failure Means You’re On the Right Path with April Seifert, Ph.D.

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This week’s episode addresses the importance of goal setting, stretching yourself, and the benefits of failure.

Effective goal-setting processes include a few different elements. Our goals need to be well-defined goals with clear standards for fulfillment. Goal-setting theory is also clear that we can set big goals for ourselves but we must ensure they are achievable goals. If your desire was to lose weight, for example, it might make sense to have short-term, and long-term goal to keep pace without losing sight of the end game.

But we all fail from time to time. The key is to not only learn from the failure but to also set effective personal and professional performance goals that help us to deliver results without discouraging us.

Today’s episode is an extremely short episode that hits right in the center of a very important topic: failure.

More specifically, I’m talking about failure as something that is:

  • Necessary
  • 100% inevitable
  • A great indication that you’re on the right path

Listen to this episode, and ask yourself, “How many times did I fall today?”

NOTE: This is a legacy episode from the Women Inspired podcast, before it transitioned to be the Building Psychological Strength podcast. While you will hear some mention of the Women Inspired brand during this episode, the content is highly relevant to the goals of Peak Mind, which is why we have included it here. Enjoy!

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