Giving Negative Feedback

Giving Negative Feedback

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Good management requires communication skills, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills. Those who possess these managerial skill sets are able to demonstrate their cognitive empathy through problem-solving; using their technical skills to help team members become more socially skilled. Communication can allow an effective manager to identify strengths and weaknesses within a group. In this way, management skills and emotional skills like empathy can matter more than IQ.

Giving negative feedback is never easy. I can’t think of a single person I’ve ever met who is perfectly comfortable doing it….Yet, it’s an important part of being a leader. Today on the podcast, we’re digging into 2 components of emotional intelligence that can help you more effectively and empathetically give feedback to help your team grow and improve.  

During the episode I mentioned my incredible friend and emotional intelligence expert Rich Bracken. Learn more about him at  

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