How to Create a More Spacious Mind

How to Create a More Spacious Mind

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Tell me if you relate to any of these situations: 

  • You walk into a room and forget why you went there. 
  • You forget names or stumble over words as you speak 
  • You have an endless to-do list running through your mind of things you can’t forget to get done 

If any of these sound familiar, you’ll want to catch this week’s episode. This week, we’re talking all about types of cognitive load and decision fatigue and how to reduce mental clutter and create more spaciousness in your mind.  Cognitive load refers to the inner struggle dealing with too many factors at once. Working through detailed information processing while battling split attention effect can make your working memory and long-term memory suffer.

There’s good news, however: we can increase cognitive load and processing capacity. When we reduce extraneous cognitive load we can improve our working memory capacity including short-term memory and improve our personal learning experiences.

In this episode, I give a deep overview of what cognitive load and decision fatigue are. We talk about the brain science behind why they happen and how they’re a very natural response to a very old brain attempting to operate in modern society. 

I give such a deep overview because I want you to know that you’re not a failure, you’re not weak, and you’re not deficient in some way if you drop a ball or forget something. You’re a human with a brain. That’s it. 

Finally, we go into the 4 R’s of reducing cognitive load to create more mental spaciousness: 

  • Reduce  
  • Replicate 
  • Reorganize 
  • Act Rapidly 

I hope this episode helps you understand your mind a little better and helps you develop a sense of compassion for yourself as a human being just trying to do the best they can.  

You’re doing great. 

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