How to Cultivate a Relationship with Yourself

How to Cultivate a Relationship with Yourself

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One of the 7 main skillsets that make up psychological strength has to do with the self. One of the core ways we think about the self is in terms of identity. Who am I? What am I like? What do I value? What am I good at…or not so good at? All of that is important, but today, I want to cover a slightly more obscure facet to the self. Specifically, we’re talking about the relationship we cultivate with our self.

Today we’ll be talking about how to use some core aspects of meaningful relationships to cultivate the relationship you have with yourself. Aspects such as communication, compassion and empathy, and appreciation. The impact of the practices we talk about at the end of this episode can be life-changing, and you won’t want to miss them.

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