How to have Effective Political Conversations with Peter Montoya

How to have Effective Political Conversations with Peter Montoya

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Picture this – it’s Thanksgiving, and in walks THAT family member. The one who has differing political views and ALWAYS wants to talk about them. You want it to go well, but you’re afraid it just won’t. What do you do?

Like it or not, the divisiveness in politics is something that has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives. Things feel so divided right now, and that’s what we’re diving into this week.

This week’s guest is Peter Montoya, and we’re talking about his new book The Second Civil War: A Citizen’s Guide to Healing our Fractured Nation. In this episode we talk about the ways in which identity and tribalism play into the divisiveness we are experiencing. We talk about ways to approach political conversations and tips for effectively having the conversation. And finally, we talk about grey rocking, a strategy for handling truly morally reprehensible conversations.

Peter Montoya is a thought leader, skilled orator, tech entrepreneur, and successful business strategist, Peter’s expertise comes from decades of being deep in the trenches – guiding sales, marketing, service, and development teams to achieve seemingly unreachable goals by working together cohesively.

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