How to Manage Your Triggers to Improve Your Life

How to Manage Your Triggers to Improve Your Life

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Trigger warning. How many times have you seen that phrase on social media? Do you truly know what it means? What does it mean to have a trigger? To be triggered? How do triggers impact us in our lives, in our performance, and in our relationships?

This week, we’re exploring these very fundamental questions. The fact of the matter is, we ALL have triggers. It’s simply an artifact of the way our minds work. What’s most important is that we know what our individual triggers are and how we can be intentional about responding when we encounter them.

This week we’re hearing from Jodie Eckleberry Hunt. Jodie has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Indiana State University and is board-certified in Health Psychology. She has been the Director of Health Psychology and Executive Health and Wellness at Beaumont Health since 2016.

I truly believe you’ll gain a much more nuanced understanding of what a trigger is, how to identify your own, and what to do to be more responsive, rather than reactive, in the face of them.

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