How to Use Courageous Brain Process to Escape Fear Traps

How to Use Courageous Brain Process to Escape Fear Traps

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Have you ever stopped to consider just how often fear influences how you think, feel, and react? Sometimes, this impact can be slight, and we’re able to quickly move past it. However, other times, these feelings of fear and anxiety can be so intense that they stop us in our tracks. They lead us to feel trapped.

When we feel trapped, we can experience intense fear, including panic attacks. Some of our experienced trauma can live with us for years, leading to all kinds of mental illnesses.

Today, we’re talking about the notion of ‘fear traps’ with Dr. Nancy Stella. Dr. Stella has been a leading clinical psychologist in the Cincinnati area for over twenty five years, co-owning and growing one of Ohio’s largest private, multi-specialty mental health practices. She developed the Courageous Brain Process (CBP)—an innovative, science-based method of therapy. Rooted in the most up-to-date neuroscience, it bypasses the shortcomings of traditional talk therapy to change the way our brains process fear. Her first book, Fear Traps: Escaping the Triggers that Keep You Stuck, gives readers proven practices for building courage and resilience.

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