Turn your mind into your most valuable asset, design your life around YOU, and THRIVE through life's ups...and downs.



All of the offerings from Peak Mind incorporate state-of-the-art information, tools, and techniques from the powerful fields of Psychology and Life Design.

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Your mind can be your greatest asset or your biggest liability. The choice is yours. Until now, the knowledge and tools from the field of Psychology were only available through therapy or in impossible-to-understand academic journal articles. We're bringing those tools and techniques to YOU!


You're either living by design or by default. The choice is yours. Imagine how your life would feel if it was intentionally aligned to your unique set of values, strengths, and aspirations, if your lifestyle and daily habits brought out the best in you. This is life design.


Psychological strength is a teachable set of core skills and abilities that science shows us are important for mental health, psychological wellbeing, effective leadership, and resilience. Resilient, psychologically strong people are more flexible, effective, and adaptive in all areas of life.  


Quarterly Workshop Series

new! Quarterly Workshop Series

Save when you enroll in the series! Join our live virtual workshops designed to help you build psych strength, gain powerful insights, and make meaningful shifts in your life. You'll get digital workbooks, access to the replays, and bonus content inside the Peak Mind Platform.

OCTOBER Psych Strength Workshop

Our next Quarterly Psych Strength workshop will be in October 2022. Join us live or watch the replay on-demand with 30 days access to the Peak Mind Platform. Details coming soon.


Level up you, your mind, and your life with an evidence-based program from Peak Mind with the tools, techniques, and information to help you develop self-awareness, turn your mind into a powerful asset, and design a life aligned to who you uniquely are.

Self Care [by Design]

Thoughtfully design a robust, guilt-free self-care routine that fits into your life and supports you, at your best.

Self Case [By Design]
Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is inevitable. Being stressed out is optional. Through this mini-course, you will hone your skills and develop your personalized stress management plan. Designed for maximum impact, this mini-course includes a short educational video, a workbook with several exercises, 3 in the moment tools to use during times of stress, and a 2 week email challenge.

Peak Mind was founded by two doctoral-level psychologists

Dr. Ashley Smith

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ashley is a licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized in the treatment of anxiety-related issues for 15+ years. She is an expert in psychological treatments that help people change problematic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so that they can lead joyful, effective lives. 

Dr. April Seifert

Social Cognitive Psychologist

Dr. April holds a PhD in social cognitive psychology and is a life design strategist. She has deep expertise in the way our minds store and process information, form habitual and subconscious thought processes, and how all of that impacts our behavior and our life experience. 


The Building Psychological Strength PODCAST

More and more, people are seeing the benefits of building resilience, building confidence, building mental toughness and flexibility, and moving past fear and anxiety in their lives. April Seifert, Ph.D., hosts this powerful podcast that will help you build psychological strength through interviews and information from some of the world's leading experts in the fields of Psychology and Life Design. It's time to go beyond merely surviving. It's time to thrive!

Gain powerful insights and TOOLS

There's a reason why you're burned out...and it's not what you think. Psychologists have recently uncovered 2 new factors that contribute to burn-out, and they'll probably surprise you. Once you know how they apply to you, you can start making changes to feel less overwhelmed, less worried, and less GUILTY. Take a research-backed quiz to find out how these surprising factors may be causing burn out and stress. We'll also send you free tools to help in those tough moments.

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