Life Tips from an IronMan with Brian Weaver

Life Tips from an IronMan with Brian Weaver

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Today we are talking about the triathlon, IronMan (70.3 km), but more specifically, the state of mind to achieve such a substantial goal.

Have you ever had to persist even though you wanted to give up?  

Have you ever had to admit to yourself that you have a limited capacity of energy or bandwidth and had to be strategic about how you spend your time and energy?  

Have you ever had to transition into a new identity and felt sadness at the identity and lifestyle you’re leaving behind? 

If you said ‘yes’ to any of those questions, this week’s interview is for you. This week, we’re speaking with Brian Weaver, entrepreneur, father, husband, and former elite amateur IronMan athlete. 

Brian spent years in the sport of IronMan, ranking as high as No. 1 in the world for his class. He knows exactly what it feels like to have to persist when you want to quit. He intimately understands the strategy it takes to work within your limited amount of energy, and he’s masterful at setting up the strategies, systems, and supportive environments to help him achieve his goals. 

And we get to learn from him this week! 

In his episode, we cover: 

  • The strategic approach Brian took to create space in his busy life to compete in IronMan.  
  • We talked about the importance of time management and a supportive network of people in helping you achieve your goals. 
  • He gives priceless advice on the importance of self-awareness and knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can strategically approach each of them. 
  • He also speaks in-depth about how to manage your limited amount of energy in a given day using a brilliant metaphor about a book of matches. 
  • Finally, he talks about his experience as he has transitioned out of the sport and what it has meant to leave that identity behind.  

This episode is full of so much wisdom from someone who has competed at an elite level, and he breaks it all down to make it applicable to our daily lives.  

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