Myth-Busting Resilience

Myth-Busting Resilience

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Today, we’re myth-busting the topics of resilience, thriving through adversity, and post-traumatic growth. We’ve all heard about these topics, but unfortunately, the belief that we walk away with is that true “resilience” means we can skip through the truly challenging times that life throws at us.

It’s simply not true.

Resilience does NOT mean you somehow don’t experience the stress, anxiety, or negative emotions that are perfectly natural consequences of a difficult or challenging time. In fact, during truly challenging times, we worry more if you aren’t experiencing those effects.

Rather, resilience, thriving through adversity, and post-traumatic growth have more to do with what happens as a result of a challenging situation. That’s the focus of today’s episode. Today we talk about how to support yourself through challenging times, but mostly, we talk about what to do afterward. What we make the situation mean. How we grow from it. What we learn. Who we BECOME.

This is a powerful episode, and I hope you’ll share it with someone who might benefit from it.

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Psychological resilience scales as challenges increase. Depressive symptoms and signs of mental illness can create the scar tissue that helps us deal with stressful situations and psychological distress. Like building immunity generally, developing the coping skills and problem-solving techniques to create true emotional resilience is painful but leads to long-term benefits.

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