Navigating the Path of Life with Mindfulness and Self Awareness

Navigating the Path of Life with Mindfulness and Self Awareness

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So many of us operate from the perspective that life is supposed to follow a linear path. So much so that, when we find ourselves at a crossroads or we feel compelled to go in a new direction, it can be incredibly difficult for us!

This is why I am so excited for you to meet this week’s guest, Shannon Schottler. Shannon is a certified life/career transitions & leadership coach. Her mission is to empower more individuals to find, know and honor their truth personally and professionally. She believes now more than ever that our world needs more self-aware leaders who know not only how to lead a mission, a team or a business…but also lead themselves extraordinarily well. Self-aware leaders, people who possess mindfulness and self awareness will change the world and that starts with you.

In her interview, we talked about so many actionable concepts. We talked about something she calls the “Cycle of Renewal.” During this discussion, Shannon gives labels to the stages we go through during our lives that can range from highly motivated, action-packed stages, to slower, more self-reflective stages. All of them have their role, and Shannon highlights ways to make the most out of them. She also spoke about the importance of mindfulness and self awareness as a way to more intentionally move through each of those stages.

Last, we spoke about the interplay between our own behaviors, our feelings, the beliefs or stories we have about ourselves and the facts that might be supporting or refuting those stories. This discussion about the “Paths to Action” will give you a roadmap for moving past self-limitation into a much more intentional, empowered state.

We’re so thrilled to partner with Shannon on this episode! For more information, follow her on Instagram or visit her website:

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