Neuroplasticity: The Full Story

Neuroplasticity: The Full Story

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Neuroplasticity. A concept we’ve all heard about. It’s a key driver of a growth mindset, the creation of new habits, the reason why gratitude practices are so powerful, and the underlying factor that allows us to reinvent ourselves. 

How amazing is that?! 

But, there’s a darker side to neuroplasticity that we don’t typically hear about. A side that can dilute or even thwart some of the hard work you’re doing to develop yourself into the person you want to be. 

This is what we’re covering this week. 

Specifically, we dive into: 

  • The ways in which neuroplasticity operates in our minds 
  • The brain science behind neuroplasticity and what causes “rewirings” to occur 
  • The little-known “dark side” of neuroplasticity that isn’t helpful to us  
  • Why we’re asking you to stop watching the news! 
  • Ways in which neuroplasticity might be operating in our daily lives and counteracting the hard work we’re doing to better ourselves 

Finally, we end with concrete ways you can begin to use neuroplasticity in your favor. To make your mind into your most valuable asset, rather than your biggest barrier. 

Much like aerobic exercise and other physical activity, getting more brain function can be produced through brain exercises. Older adults face cognitive decline which can adversely affect certain aspects of cognitive function. But it’s not just older human brains that need to focus on their grey matter. Rewiring your brain is an important part of mental health and the generation and engagement of brain cells, for example, learning a new language, increases neuroplasticity by creating new neural pathways and igniting a new part of the brain. Improving neuroplasticity not only keeps you sharp as you are now, but also adds to your brain’s ability.

You won’t want to miss this episode. It can literally change your life! You not only learn about brain plasticity, but also gain neuroplasticity exercises you can do from virtually anywhere.

We also mentioned 2 new free resources we just released. First, check out our new Monday Mindset Minute episodes. These are 60-90 second episodes to give you something concrete to try in your life to build psychological strength. 

Second, we want to support you during a time that many of us are stretched to the max. You might be feeling overwhelmed, or nervous, or your perfectionism might be getting the best of you. Sign up at to get immediate access to three 3-6 minute interventions to help you return to balance, control, and ease.  

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