Navigating Change with Psychological Strength

Navigating Change with Psychological Strength

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Because of the way our minds operate, human beings struggle with change. No matter whether the change is a net positive or net negative change, whether it’s big or small. All change causes some degree of friction and difficulty. And we’ve all weathered a LOT of it in the past few years.

On today’s episode, we’re diving into the topic of change. First and foremost, we’ll talk about why change is difficult for us. Turns out, you’re not weak! You don’t lack resilience! You’re simply a human being with a mind, and our human minds HATE change. Tune in, and you’ll learn why.

Overcoming negative thoughts is key to developing mental strength. However, spending time with uncomfortable emotions to feel mentally strong may be good for your mental health but challenging to achieve.

Then we’ll dive into one of the models of change that I really like as a way of understanding how we as human beings move through change. We’ll talk about the difference between a “change” and a “transition.” We’ll talk about the fundamental principles of the mind that are impacted when we experience a change and how we ultimately move on to get to the other side of a change.

Finally, I’ll offer a handful of resources to help you navigate your own change or to help others navigate theirs. These are proven, valuable techniques for supporting yourself and others during some of the most volatile times.

We’ve all been through a lot, and there’s likely more change to come. But, it IS POSSIBLE to thrive through change with the right tools.

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