Psychological Strength & Flexible Work Arrangements

Psychological Strength & Flexible Work Arrangements

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The last 18 months have challenged some of the most basic assumptions we had about what is necessary for a productive work environment. Gone are the days when we believed we absolutely HAD TO BE IN PERSON to be productive. Among others, one of the big lessons COVID has taught us is that the future of work is flexible.

Today, I’m speaking with Alex Morrall, founder of the Twin Cities Wellness Collective and the host of the podcast of the same name. We’re talking about major insights we’ve all learned from our hybrid work during COVID as well as some very practical ways we can support our own wellbeing and leaders can support their teams in a hybrid work model.

Additional Resources:

  1. Learn more about Alex Morrall and his work and subscribe to his podcast at:
  2. Martin Seligman’s book “Flourish”: [affiliate link]

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