Psychological Strength through Bariatric Surgery with Kayla Landaeta 

Psychological Strength through Bariatric Surgery with Kayla Landaeta 

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This week on the podcast, we’re diving into the topics of obesity and bariatric surgery. These topics are important ones to cover in their own right, but even beyond that, they’re topics that touch on many of the psychological hurdles that all of us face when we have to make a change in our life. 

This week’s guest is Kayla Landaeta. Growing up, Kayla was overweight and obese. In college, Kayla weighed 343 pounds, and eventually, she realized that she wanted to make a change in her life. She discovered bariatric surgery and navigated her way through the hoops she had to jump through, the self-limiting beliefs that arose, and the new identity she had to take on after she lost over 160 pounds.  

In this episode Kayla not only shares her own journey, but she shares so much wisdom from her work as a bariatric life coach. In this episode, we talk about the notion of radical responsibility and how you can make the decision to change your life. We talk about self-identity and how it can cause us to stay in situations that don’t really serve us. And we talk about the shift that happens when we make a big change in life. 

If you relate to Kayla’s story, I know you’re going to get a lot out of this episode. And, if you don’t, if you’ve never struggled with your weight to the degree that Kayla describes, you’re still going to get so much from this conversation. The aspects of psychological strength that we cover are foundational to an active, thriving life for absolutely everyone. 

You can learn more about Kayla by following her on Instagram or on her website:

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