What is Psychological Strength?

Psychological strength is a teachable set of core skills and abilities that science shows us are important for mental health, psychological wellbeing, effective leadership, and resilience. Resilient, psychologically strong people are more flexible, effective, and adaptive in all areas of life.   


By developing skills in each of these key areas, people are better equipped to manage stress, bounce back after setbacks, empathize with others, and take deliberate effective action.


Mindfulness is the ability to intentionally, flexibly pay attention to some part of the present moment without judging. It includes being able to control your attention and to accurately notice things as they happen without jumping to conclusions or getting lost in your head. 


These elements center on what and how you think. Understanding why you have certain kinds of thoughts and how to deal with negative or unhelpful thoughts makes a big difference in how you respond to life. 


Emotion skills have to do with how you deal with you feelings. Being able to recognize and navigate your emotions in a healthy, emotionally intelligent way can help you respond effectively rather than react out of emotion, especially in challenging situations. 


The self element includes your strengths, values, and identity. Knowing what these are and how to use them can help you be at your best more often


Healthy relationships are a cornerstone of psychological wellbeing and life satisfaction. These core elements are the foundation of healthy relationships.

Habits & Behaviours

Developing healthy habits and adaptive patterns of behavior are important for success at and outside of work. These elements are the building blocks of effective beh