Set Your Compass and Live a Life You Love

Set Your Compass and Live a Life You Love

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You all know how much I love life design. This time of the year, it’s especially relevant. So many of us take stock of our lives and think about changes we might want to make, and life design provides a set of tools and techniques to help us do that more effectively.

Today, We’re speaking with Ben Oosterveld. Ben is a real estate entrepreneur who built a real estate investment company that held 61 properties with investors in 4 different cities. After getting his real estate license, he built a multi million-dollar real estate business with an award winning top national team in 3 years. Today, Ben helps business owners get clear about who they really are and what they really want. He helps them make the right changes in their business and life with the new goal of building a life they love. His focus is on coaching, speaking and running personal growth retreats.

During this episode we dive deep into the importance of defining your “compass” or the type of life you actually want to live. We talk about the importance of finding happiness along the way, not just when we achieve an external goal. And, Ben has some special advice for the entrepreneurs in the crowd.

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