6 Steps to Handling Your Most Adverse Situations

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I want you to think about the last time you experienced adversity. Big, small, it doesn’t matter.  

Most of us have a pretty easy time coming up with adversity because we face it ALL THE TIME. In EVERY facet of our lives.  

Our relationships, our careers, and our day-to-day life. We experience adversity all the time. 

Unfortunately, our mind’s natural tendency when things get difficult is to try to avoid them. To chatter at us, to try to influence us to have a drink, distract ourselves, or procrastinate until the problem goes away. We attempt to avoid, and we miss out on the opportunity to thrive through adversity and grow stronger as a result of it. 

Today, in this episode, I want to dive deep into the topic of psychological flexibility. This is a skill that has been shown to help people, not only move through adversity but THRIVE through it and grow as a result of it. 

Specifically, I want to dive deep into the 6 facets of psychological flexibility and give you some tips and tricks for applying them when you’re in a challenging situation in the future. 

This skill is something you learn, not something you check the box on. This means you’re likely to be pretty bad at it at first. That’s ok! It’s going to feel awkward. But, as you keep practicing, you’ll get better, smoother, and more natural. And, the power of this skill will go to work for you. 

Stick around to the end of this episode. I open up and talk about my personal experience giving my TEDx talk last year. I don’t remember very many other times in my life when I was that anxious and afraid. It was the 6 steps that I share in this episode that got me through it. You can watch my TEDx talk here:  

I want the same for you. I want you to be able to confront your toughest situations head-on, and thrive through them. 

I know you can. It just takes a little practice. We’re here to support you. Good luck!