How To Avoid Feeling Like a Failure When Your Plate Is Too Full

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Sometimes, the amount of work and responsibilities we have on our plates is just too much. Between work, caring for others, taking care of our homes and physical space, and attempting to squeeze in a little bit of self-care, it can all feel overwhelming. 

But, what if you could approach it with an entirely different philosophy? 

What if you truly understood and believed that your space did not have to look perfectly put together because you are too busy? 

What if you realized that you don’t exist to serve your space and make it look perfect, but rather, your space exists to serve you?  That your mental health and hours of sleep are more important to your long-term health than perfection.

What if you realized that the chores, or better yet, the care tasks, you do around your home are simply functional tasks. Doing them well, or not so well, perfectly, or incompletely, does not say anything about you as a person and your worth or value. 

What if you dropped all the guilt and shame about it and allowed yourself to simply do only what absolutely needed to be done? 

Enter KC Davis. I encountered KC Davis on TikTok, and I was instantly struck by her message of ‘Struggle Care.’ Through her empathetic and engaging content, she teaches us that care tasks are functional, not moral. That shame is the enemy of functioning. That we can allow ourselves a human moment and be absolutely ok with it. This, and so much more. 

Her new book “How to Keep House While Drowning” gives an approachable, tangible, not overwhelming overview of her philosophy of struggle care, and it’s exactly what we all need during a time when we’re juggling too much or battling barriers to getting our care tasks done. 

No matter what, you are valuable, you are worthy, and none of that value and worth is dependent upon what your home looks like. 

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