What To Do When Your Mind Holds You Back

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We’ve probably all had the experience of wanting to make a change, try something new, do something bold, or attempt something uncertain…only to have our mind kick in and talk us out of it. 

Self-doubt, the inner critic, anxiety, and judgment are killers of progress because they influence us so heavily. They keep us stuck. 

These feelings of self-doubt can have a broader effect on one’s mental health including a lack of confidence, Imposter Syndrome, fear of failure and other negative thoughts. There’s a myth that successful people overcome self-doubt and build confidence but in truth, we all experience feelings (at some level) of self-doubt. Practicing self-compassion and being a good friend to yourself is important.

Today, we’re digging into one of the most fundamental principles of the way our mind works. We’re going back to the basics to tease apart the role our mind plays in keeping us stuck, and what to do about it. 

If you’re even thinking about making a change or taking on something new, this is the episode for you! 

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