Develop Better Habits in 2022

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December is here, which means New Years is right around the corner, bringing with it goals for creating better habits and changing our lives for the better. Except, habits are stinking hard to change!!

Our minds are hard-wired to make habitual behaviors very difficult to change, but it’s not impossible. In today’s episode, we’re diving into the habit change literature to help set you up for success to change the habits you want to change in the coming year.

Part of what makes the start of a new year is not only the ability to build better habits, healthy habits, long term habits, but also to end bad habits. Many strive to start exercising as common in their daily routine as brushing your teeth, but beyond those of us looking to lose weight, it takes a lot to build good habits, in fact, studies show it can take as long as 66 days to form a new habit. With that kind of focus on developing good behaviors, it goes beyond making positive habits and breaking bad ones. It’s important to start small in your daily habits.

Today, we’ll talk about what habits are. There are 3 parts to them, and most people focus on the least important part. Then, we’ll talk about some tips for making two kinds of habit changes. The first is what I’m calling ‘subtractive habits.’ These are behaviors we want to eliminate or do less of. Then, we’ll talk about ‘additive habits,’ or behaviors we want to add or do more of. In both cases, I’ll offer you some science-backed tips to set yourself up to be more successful, whatever type of behavior change you’re hoping to make.

Last, I’ll offer you a couple of resources, linked below. We have a treasure trove of goodies in the Peak Mind vault all centered on habit formation and change, and we’ve linked to it all below.

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Here’s to you and to forming better habits in the new year!

Additional Resources:

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