How to Win Every Argument

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Conflict in our closest relationships is inevitable. No matter how great a relationship is, at some point or another, we’ll find ourselves in an argument, and today’s episode is focused on helping you “win” every argument. 

But here’s the thing, our biggest goal with this episode is to redefine what a “win” is. We would argue that a successful argument that you’ve “won” is one that you can walk away from feeling calm. Without rehashing it in your mind. One where you feel settled.  

And as it turns out, there are several ways to get there, and we’re talking about all of them in this episode. From counterarguments to listening carefully, to constructing a logical argument.

If you liked this episode, you might want to check out our Ascend program. We included a bonus module focused on “Boundaries and Difficult Conversations” because this topic is so critical.