How to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings

Do you have negative thoughts or feelings? Do you want to get rid of them? Here’s the secret for dealing with negative thoughts and feelings from a psychologist. 

Everyone has negative thoughts and feelings. Whether it’s worries, self-criticism, or rumination or emotions like anxiety, sadness, or anger, we don’t like having certain thoughts or experiencing certain feelings. And we try a lot of things to get rid of them. Unfortunately, a lot of the things we do to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings only makes them worse.  

In this short video, licensed psychologist and Peak Mind co-founder, Dr. Ashley, shares the secret for dealing with negative thoughts and feelings.  


The Value of Feeling Painful Emotions

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Anger. Sadness. Guilt. Embarrassment. Shame. Resentment. These are all painful emotions that most of us don’t enjoy feeling. 

They can be so difficult to bear that, many times, we work at all costs to avoid them. We fall prey to the “Good Vibes Only” Instagram posts that tell us to pretend we’re happy all the time. 

It’s not possible to be happy all of the time. 

In fact, it’s not even GOOD FOR YOU to be happy all of the time. 

In this episode, we’re diving into the more painful, difficult side of our emotional experience. We’re wading through the complexity of our more unpleasant emotions to talk about the valuable role they play in our lives. 

Specifically, we’ll talk about 4 important things your painful emotions do for you.  

We’re all human beings, which means we’re complicated little animals. We have big, emotionally-expressive lives, and that’s a GOOD THING! That’s what we’re digging into this week. 

Toward the end, we give you a framework for thinking about your unpleasant emotions when you experience them. Hopefully, this helps you understand yourself a bit more and be more self-compassionate in times when you need it. Unlike physical pain, emotional pain and emotional distress is beneficial to your mental health.

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