The Committee in Your Mind (Part 1)

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This is a special episode of the podcast. It’s actually the first part of a 2-part series we’re doing to dive into one of the most foundational principles of psychological strength. Specifically, the inner chatter of the committee in your mind. 

What is the committee in your mind? It’s the set of inner voices that chatter on a near-constant basis and have something to say and a judgment about every situation you find yourself in. It’s the set of mental patterns you’ve developed over time that leads you to over-function, be self-critical, and ignore your own needs. It’s the set of voices that leads you to suffer unnecessarily. 

Part of understanding critical thoughts and improving mental health is how we manage this internal monologue. Sometimes, this committee can help understand another person’s point of view, some typed of inner speech assists in problem-solving.

It’s time to recognize them and begin to disobey them. 

During this first part of this series, we introduce you to a set of unhelpful committee members who show up involuntarily. These forms of inner speech all people experience can disrupt more helpful internal dialogue. If you missed that episode, you’ll want to go back and catch it.  They permeate nearly every moment of our lives, influencing our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.   

We’ll walk you through who each committee member is, and how to recognize them, pay attention and at the end, we’ll walk you through some actionable steps to begin to quiet this internal speech and minimize their impact on you. 

The [Unhelpful] Committee Members: 

  • The Inner Critic 
  • The Persecutor 
  • The Debbie Downer 
  • The Judge 
  • The Task-Master 
  • The Logistics Person 
  • The Martyr 
  • The Victim 
  • The People Pleaser 
  • The Worrier 

Be sure to catch next week’s episode where we introduce you to the HELPFUL committee members who need more of a formal introduction to show up to the party. You wont’ want to miss it!