How to Reduce Intergenerational Drama

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In the field of Psychology, we are increasingly learning more about how trauma, habits, and beliefs are handed down from generation to generation, many times, without us knowing. Think about it – you very likely have belief systems and ways of seeing and responding to the world that were transmitted to you through generations of your family.

This has incredible implications for the way we individually respond to the world, but also for the ways we understand systemic challenges and inequality in our society.

If you’ve ever worked hard to understand your own behavior… If you’ve ever fought against continuing dysfunction in your family… If you’ve ever felt the pain of trauma in your family and wondered how to move past it… This episode is for you.

Today we’re speaking with Dr. Lynyetta Willis. As a psychologist and family empowerment coach, Dr. Lynyetta Willis, helps frustrated families stop Stable Misery┬« cycles or unhelpful patterns that keep them stuck, so they can create more joy in their parenting or partnerships. Her Triggered to Transformed┬« Parent Coaching Program has helped parents all over the world to confidently deal with their triggers so they can pass on the best parts of themselves and enjoy parenting more.

This episode is transformational, and I hope you share it with someone who might benefit.

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