Building Emotional Intelligence with Rich Bracken

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I’m sure you’ve heard about emotional intelligence and how important it is to psychological strength.  

Today, we’re talking to an expert in the domain of emotional intelligence, and I have to say, it was such a deep, actionable conversation.  

Today, we’re talking with Rich Bracken. Rich is a motivational speaker, fellow podcast host, and an expert in the area of emotional intelligence. He travels all over the globe helping people and companies understand what the Emotional Quotient (EQ) is, why it’s important to understand and manage emotional intelligence, why it can matter more than IQ, and how we utilize it to our advantage.

There are a number of levels of emotional intelligence that speak to your cognitive ability, how well you manage your emotions, your ability to learn, and to see the world from another point of view. High emotional intelligence (EI) means more than just being socially skilled, it’s a metric for positive mental health if we pay attention to the right markers.

This is going to be a treat! 

Today’s conversation hit on so many incredible topics, like:  

  • What EQ really is. Rich gives the clearest, most concise definition I’ve ever heard. 
  • How self-awareness is the first step toward developing emotional intelligence 
  • What triggers are, how to identify them, and how to “flip” them 
  • A word of caution about labeling emotions as “inappropriate” (I really learned something here!) 
  • How expressing emotions can deepen our relationships with other people 
  • The importance of reflective journaling, music, and setting good boundaries in developing healthy emotional intelligence 

 I absolutely can’t wait for you to hear this episode because EQ is something that impacts every single day of our lives. Enjoy!