Five Life-Changing Practices

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I say it all the time – I actually practice the things I preach on this podcast. In fact, the improvement in my life experience that I’ve seen since beginning this podcast is one of the best, most unexpected side effects of the podcast!

The last 2 years have been exceptionally challenging for all of us, but I truly believe that it has been a handful of life-changing practices that have sustained me and helped me thrive through it. These practices have transformed the way I experience my own life, and in this episode, I want to share them with you.

Today’s episode is the very first episode in season 6 of the podcast. It’s also coming out a mere 2 days before my 42nd birthday! So, as a gift to you, we’re diving into 5 life-changing psych strength practices and 5 different ways to implement each practice. That’s TWENTY-FIVE different actions you can take to build psych strength.

And, because this episode is so dense with information, I’ve created a free guide to accompany the episode. You can get a copy of it here. In this guide, you’ll find all of the actions I cover underneath each of the 5 life-changing practices. I also included a bunch of supplemental content: extra hands-on exercises, templates, and resources to help you jump-start your practice. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to grab this guide.

It’s so important to me, Ashley, and our families that a total life change is not only possible but within your grasp. These are the tools that may be the difference in a happier, healthier you.

As you begin your new year, I truly hope you put yourself first. I hope you adopt some practices that help you build psychological strength, and I hope you experience the life-changing transformation that I’ve been experiencing.

Cheers to 2022!


 How to Cope More Effectively With Adversity

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Think of a time when you faced something really difficult – a time when you had to cope with something. Get a clear picture of that time in your mind, and think about the emotions you experienced. 

Now let me ask you this: what was the approach you took for coping with that situation? 

Was your approach more pointed toward “making yourself feel better” by focusing on the emotions you were feeling? Or, did you focus more on the situation to try to change it or accept it? 

There are lots of personal experiences and adverse events that come in tough times and it’s how we cope with adversity that can be the difference between building resilience and feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, high-stress levels or just generally negative thoughts, we become stronger when we overcome adversity and create better mental health. Much like other parts of life, we must build a mental immune system when dealing with adversity but this goes beyond deep breaths and meditation.

Today, we’re talking about 2 different types of coping that people use to move through adversity: emotion-focused coping and problem-focused or situation-focused coping. In the face of adversity we can spend time building long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.

In this episode, not only do we unpack these 2 types of coping, but we dive into the nuance of what it means to cope in each way. Times when each type of coping works, and times when it doesn’t. 

Finally, we end with a couple of practical, straight-forward, yet very effective strategies you can use to support yourself when you’re going through something that is requiring all of your coping skills.  

We so hope you find value in this episode, and we’d love it if you would share it with someone else who might need support at this time.