Is Selfishness a GOOD Thing?

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QUESTION: What organ does the heart feed first? This critical organ in our body has the important job of sending oxygen and nutrients to our entire body…so where does it send it first? 

ANSWER: The heart feeds ITSELF first. 

Think about that. The heart’s job is to nurture every single other organ and tissue in our body, yet it nurtures itself first by way of the coronary arteries. It’s as though the heart knows that if it isn’t ok, the rest of our body doesn’t stand a chance. 

What about you? 

Do you nurture yourself first? I bet not. 

In a million large and small ways, we’re taught that focusing on ourselves is SELFISH. That it’s something we should avoid and be ashamed of. That we should strive to tirelessly give to others, many times, at our own expense. 

But, what if selfishness is actually HEALTHY?  

Turns out, it can be. Recent research in psychology has uncovered the concept of healthy selfishness. This is when we recognize that our own needs are just as important as everyone else’s needs. We take our needs as seriously as everyone else’s needs…just like the heart. 

It’s hard enough to learn to love someone else, but when we practice self-love it doesn’t always feel happy, rather, sometimes we feel guilty and instead of feeling good we feel bad. People who love themselves can be seen as a bad thing, but some selfishness is good for our mental health.

In this age of burnout where all of us are stretched way too thin, I encourage you to listen to this episode and take our new quiz to assess your own level of healthy selfishness. It could very well save your life. 

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