Diet Culture vs. Nutrition as a Self-Care Practice

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How often do you think about your own diet and the food you eat as a form of self-care? What does that even mean? So much of our understanding of what constitutes a HEALTHY diet is shaped by diet culture and what amount to marketing messages designed to sell products and services. We forget that nourishment is one of the most basic needs our bodies have, and that we’re able to be psychologically impacted in the realm of this basic need, just like we are in so many other areas of our lives.

It’s important to remember that body type, body size, and body image are three distinct terms that cross the mental and physical chasms. With the vast majority of our inputs focusing more on food choices and eliminating “fat” bodies by losing weight, much of the western world experiences some form of disordered eating behaviors and weight stigma. And while health at every size is possible, anti-diet cultures that focus on nutrition and intuitive eating can help to reduce national eating disorders.

Today, we’re speaking with Jessica Begg. She is is a Registered Dietitian and a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Jessica has a private practice based in Vancouver, Canada and has worked in many eating disorders programs in her area for over 10 years. She works now to help people heal from binge and emotional eating and start building a more peaceful relationship with food their body.

We hit on so many important topics in this episode:

  1. The impact of diet culture on our health & wellbeing
  2. The role of our emotion in the way we eat
  3. The impact of all of this on our self-concept and our relationship with our our body
  4. The dangerous link between diet culture and disordered eating
  5. And finally, how to cultivate a healthier relationship with food and our own bodies

This is a topic that impacts each and every one of us on a daily basis, and I’m thrilled to have Jessica here to help us navigate it more peacefully.

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