Create Your Life Around Your Unique Strengths with Emily Brummund

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NOTE: This is a legacy episode from the Women Inspired podcast, before it transitioned to be the Building Psychological Strength podcast. While you will hear some mention of the Women Inspired brand during this episode, the content is highly relevant to the goals of Peak Mind, which is why we have included it here. Enjoy!

Emily Brummund’s breadth of experiences has prepared her for her true calling in coaching. Emily spent over 15 years in the corporate, governmental, and non-profit sectors.

Brummand’s research from the Gallup Organization gave some of the latest insights with regards to employee engagement, creating a culture that ensures employees are involved enthusiastically, improving both their work and workplace. She used strengths-based development to accomplish this and to help identify a competitive advantage for employees and employers.

After leaving public service, Emily began to pursue her dream of coaching in order to see people discover their unique design and gifting. Emily has also traveled overseas to coach as well as work with various international ministries. Emily is currently based in Portland Oregon.

Certified Christian Leadership Coach
Certified StrengthsFinder Coach: Individual, Team and Full 34
Certified MCORE Coach and Consultant
Licensed and Certified Patterson LifePlan Facilitator
Certified VIA Strengths Coach and Consultant