Why Slowing Down Makes Us Anxious…And What to Do

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Routine habits, both positive and negative, have a major impact on mental health. People working long hours, or working from home may feel the pressure of modern hustle culture—even during times meant for breaking free from the constant morning routine.

Alarm clocks and stressful work hours make relief from routines and habits feel impossible to find. With the best medically reviewed advice and peer reviewed studies, you can take the time you need without feeling overwhelmed with guilt or anxiety.

Have you ever taken a necessary break from work with the goal of recharging, resting, and relaxing…yet you end up feeling ANXIOUS?! Stepping away from work should feel relaxing, right? Yet, so many times, we end up feeling anxiety, and it can feel surprising and unexplainable.

Starting your day with improved morning habits and positive self talk helps to keep negative thoughts that can cause feelings of anxiousness away, so that you can feel at peace for the rest of the day. Finding ways to reduce routine related anxiety and build healthy relaxation habits can seem overwhelming—but it is possible for everyone.

In today’s episode, we’re diving into 4 things that cause us to feel anxious when we step away, and 4 ways to help yourself navigate through that anxiety so you can truly enjoy the time away that you so deserve.

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