5 Ways to SPARK Creativity

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Sparking creativity is possible for everyone—and so is achieving authentic happiness in mental health. Within the field of positive psychology, Abraham Maslow’s humanistic perspective offers a space for creative people to thrive. Although, finding that spark isn’t always an easy task.

With applied designs that work with your own character strengths, you can embrace your unique strengths and virtues, and find potential solutions and new ideas for improving products and services.

Design thinking processes, which are researched in many scientific studies throughout the American Psychological Association, offer exciting and hopeful chances to spark countless new ideas. With the help of human-centered design, you can be creative using your own character strengths.

I hear from people ALL THE TIME who say they aren’t creative. They struggle with participating in brainstorming sessions and feel like their ideas are somehow lacking compared to others.

The thing is, creativity is a SUPER POWER in our professional lives. The ability to put ideas together in a way they haven’t been put together before or to come up with a new, innovative approach to some issue is so valuable!

Because of that, in this episode, I’m offering you 5 ways to SPARK creativity in your work. Put them to use, and let’s get CREATIVE!