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Take Back Your Keys – Be the Driver of Your Own Life

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Have you ever been frustrated by self-help gurus and other people who tell you to become your best self, focus on gratitude, and show up as the person you want to be….all the while, they’ve never faced a day of adversity in their lives? Taking charge seems so easy.

The thing is, gratitude is easy when life is easy. It’s easy to show up as our best when life is going well.  

But, the rubber hits the road when life gets tough and we have to put this information, tools, and techniques to work in difficult times. Today, we’re talking to a man who did just that. 

Michael Arterberry grew up in a very difficult set of circumstances. The son of an alcoholic father, Michael experienced incredible hardship. Poverty. Crime. Bad outside influences. His early days had all the makings of a life that goes down a bad path. 

But, at a very young age, Michael tapped into something POWERFUL: the legacy he wanted to leave behind and the life he wanted to build for his future kids and family. And, that powerful motivator helped him reinvent himself into the man he is today.  

During our conversation, we talk about: 

  • Being the driver of our own life, and the forces that are typically in the drivers’ seat for many of us 
  • Actionable activities you can do to take back your keys when you’re not in charge. 
  • How we can change our own identity & change the course of our lives through reinvention…and ways to do just that. 
  • The legacy he wants to leave for his family & why that is so impactful for all of us to think about 

You can find out more about Michael by visiting You can also learn about his organization the Youth Voices Center, check out his online course at, and read Michael’s book “Be Encouraged.”