Transitioning to Life After COVID

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Peak Mind exists to support people in living their best lives possible through psychoeducation, hands-on work, and other educational content. Our flagship program Ascend covers 3 key areas: You, Your Mind, and Your Life Design. As part of that program our members get an exclusive invite to a set of live calls that we regularly conduct. Sometimes we dig deeper into program content, other times, we dive into a topic that is timely. Something that is affecting our members NOW.  

This podcast episode is the recording of our most recent live call. I want to share it because we tackled the important topic of the transition we’re all about to make after COVID. The way to have stable, long term success even through difficult transitions, is maintaining healthy habits. Our lives are about to change again, and a LOT comes with that. We covered off on so many valuable topics in our most recent live call, and I wanted to share it with you.  

Please enjoy this exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of our Ascend program’s live calls.  

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