The Power of Willingness

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The achievement of our long-term goals is dependent completely on our willpower. Maintaining a lot of willpower is extremely difficult, and it can be a strain on our mental health; however, living with a lack of willpower is exhausting. We find ourselves sleep-deprived, and our impatience drives us to inevitable ego depletion. All that we need is enough willpower to maintain a positive attitude, and the willpower to resist a negative attitude.

So many times when we’re facing the notion of doing something new, uncertain, big, etc., we resort to saying that we can’t do it. We point to reasons why we can’t, and we end up staying right where we are. Today, we’re talking about a slight shift in our language that data and research shows increases our likelihood of taking action in the direction of a change we want to make, even when it involves hardship to get there.  

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