Designing Your WFH Life

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Today we’re using life design to work on a very common problem these days: working from home. You’ve likely experienced what I have – working from home has its benefits, but it also brings with it unique challenges. And, life design is the exact approach to take in order to work through challenging situations.

Let’s design your WFH life!

Today, we’re going to go through 4 different challenges when you’re working from home. Inside each one, I’ll prompt you to come up with ways to experiment in order to steer your workday in alignment with what’s truly important to you.

During the episode I mentioned a bunch of links. Here they are:

  1. If you want to know which pens I talk about, they’re right here.
  2. Here is a link to the Self Journal
  3. Here is how to hide your own face on Zoom meetings
  4. Finally, here is a link to last week’s episode, and here is a link to get the free guide that accompanies it.

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