The Brain Science of Self-Compassion with Jane Tornatore

The Brain Science of Self-Compassion with Jane Tornatore

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If there is one topic that is getting more attention in the field of Psychology than anything else right now it is self-compassion. Self-compassion is our ability to relate to ourselves with kindness and without judgment, even when things have gone wrong. 

We talk all the time about cultivating mindful practices in our everyday life, and this is a great place to see the effects of mindfulness. Self-care, and finding a level of self-compassion are some of the many forms of meditation. Our thoughts and emotions control our minds, so we have to make sure that we have control over the kinds of thoughts that we allow in.

This week, we’re speaking with an expert in the realm of self-compassion. Dr. Jane Tornatore is a licensed therapist and the author of the book “Everything is Perfect, Just Not Me.” During our conversation, we talk about the critical importance of developing self-compassion, the brain science behind its power, and practical ways to get started.  

Catch this episode, and share it with someone else who needs this powerful message. 

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