The Critical Role of Emotions in Managing Conflict with Doug Noll

The Critical Role of Emotions in Managing Conflict with Doug Noll

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When you think about effectively managing conflict, what comes to mind? Many people go straight to things like communication skills or the ability to clearly articulate a point. But, what about the role of emotion? What if we truly aren’t rational beings? What if we accept the fact that we are emotional beings and approach conflict from a place of emotional intelligence?

Today I’m speaking with Doug Noll about the role of emotions in conflict and communication. This conversation is a literal masterclass about how to recognize, label, and validate our own emotions and the emotions of others. Doug offers up his 3 step process to deescalate any situation whether it’s with your significant other, a co-worker, or with your kids. His emotion-centric approach is backed by some of the most cutting-edge neuroscience and has shown to be effective in nearly any setting.

Additional Resources:

  1. Learn more about Doug by visiting
  2. Want help sifting through your own complex emotions? Check out this Peak Mind blog post:

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