The Money Nerve with Bob Wheeler

The Money Nerve with Bob Wheeler

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How much money do you make? <–How did that question make you feel?  

How about this one, if a job opportunity came up that paid DOUBLE what you make today, how nervous would you be to apply for it? 

In today’s episode, we’re talking about the connection between our emotions and our finances. It’s a bigger connection than you’d anticipate.  

When it comes to personal finance, some of us feel the heat rising just checking our bank statements, but facing our outdated belief systems and emotional blocks is crucial to developing a healthy relationship with money. There’s plenty of podcasts that will promise “financial freedom” but so few deal with how to overcome fears around money and our emotional response to money.

Today’s podcast guest is Bob Wheeler. Bob is an accountant by training, but his work goes so much further than that. Through his book, “The Money Nerve,” his podcast “Money You Ask,” and his live and online training, Bob helps people unpack their emotions and beliefs about money and how they might be influencing their decisions and financial outcomes. 

In this valuable conversation, we talk about the connection between emotion and money. We talk about where our beliefs about money come from and how they impact our decisions. Finally, we talk about how to begin to do “the work” of realigning our relationship with money. 

The fact is, money is not the root of all evil. The more money you make, the bigger impact you can have on society and your own family for generations to come.  

Find out more about Bob Wheeler and his work by visiting:  

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