The Secret to Effective Prioritization

 The Secret to Effective Prioritization

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We’ve all felt the squeeze of having too much on our plate and too little time, energy, and capacity. We feel pulled to accomplish, achieve, and deliver based on other people’s requests and demands. Our calendars turn to time confetti as we attempt to juggle multiple things at a time, and at the end of the day, we collapse into bed exhausted, wishing we could have squeezed in a workout or another personally meaningful activity.

Sound at all like you? It definitely sounds like me on my most difficult days.

Here’s the tough truth: We know the answer. We know we’re supposed to prioritize, yet we don’t do it, or we don’t feel like we can do it.

In this episode, I’ll go over 3 of the main reasons why we don’t prioritize, and for each, I’ll offer what I hope is a helpful reframe to help you think about how you might begin to intentionally craft your life experience into one that aligns with you, your values, and your needs.

Supplemental Resources:

  1. Check out Gail Golden’s book Curating Your Life:
  2. Listen to my conversation with Gail Golden:
  3. If you’d like to read Bronnie Ware’s viral blog post Regrets of the Dying, click here:

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